Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are an essential part of your internet marketing strategy. But it’s important you choose your SEO services provider with care. If anyone says they can guarantee you a page one listing on Google, our advice is to tread carefully. Here at Acorn Web Studio, we take an honest, open and ethical approach to our SEO services. We won’t baffle you with technical jargon or make worthless guarantees. Instead we’ll explain in simple terms what needs to be done and why, and demonstrate how it will boost the performance of your website.

SEO isn’t just about achieving a good search engine ranking. Taking your website to the top of Google is not enough. SEO will only provide a ROI if your website visitors actually buys from you. Increasing your conversion rate and delivering a positive visitor experience should be as important to your SEO services provider as your Google ranking. Boosting your sales and revenue is as important to us as it is to you. We don’t profess to have a magic wand, just highly skilled specialists who understand SEO process and how they can benefit your organisation.

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    Site Analysis

    A full analysis of your website will be carried out to see which areas of your website need to be strengthened and what else needs to be implemented to make a splash.

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    Link Building

    We will create and build inbound links back to your websites. Inbound links are used by search engines to judge the popularity of your website.

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    Blog Articles

    If your site has a blog, then we will write articles optimised with keywords. If your site doesn’t have a blog then we can add a blog to your website. We will then submit the blog to search engines.

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    Article Submissions

    We will create and submit articles based around your business or organisation to online article directory websites, with keywords linking back to your website to increase site traffic and visitor numbers.

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    Competitor Analysis

    We will carry out a full analysis of your competitors website, allowing us to see how many link backs they have and the keywords used and all other areas of their SEO practices.

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    Keyword Analysis

    Knowing which keywords and phrases to use within a site is a key ingredient of SEO, which is why we will carry out a full keyword analysis.

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    Content Writting

    We will if necessary re-write and re-word your websites content to be more targeted, with the inclusion of keywords that we have obtained from the keyword and competitor analysis research and reports.

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    Website Monitoring

    We will monitor your websites performance through Google Analytics to see what affects the techniques used have made to your websites performance, giving us insight into what works and what further can be done.


Our consultants have proven skills in delivering effective SEO services. As well as increasing the visibility of your website and boosting your sales, our goal is to help you learn more about the SEO processes, which will enable you to make better informed choices about your SEO. You may already have some elements of SEO in place and just need some help in specific areas.

With our SEO services, you can pick and choose the elements. This means you only pay for what you need and not for what you already have. Every company has different needs and objectives. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO services won’t help you achieve your goals.

Our SEO consultants spend time working with you to analyse your situation before making any recommendations. Your SEO plan will be tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve the future goals of your business or organisation. What we often find is that most organisations will always have the fundamental pieces, however have not been joined. It then becomes our job to take these pieces and build a solid structure for the SEO of your business, while adding more pieces in to the mix.

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